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My research involves applying mathematical and computational techniques to biological problems.
My PhD is funded by the British Heart Foundation, as part of a CoMPLEX MRes/MPhil studentship.

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PhD Project: Modelling the Impact of Cell Seeding Strategies on Cell Survival and Vascularisation in Engineered Tissue

Nerve Repair Construct Simulation

Nerve constructs are used to aid the regeneration of neurons after peripheral nerve injury. The project involves the development of a mathematical framework to model cell survival and vacularisation within nerve constructs, which will be capable of directing and accelerating the design of constructs in the future. Experimental data has been used to parameterise the model.

Supervisors: Dr. James Phillips (Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, UCL) & Dr. Rebecca Shipley (Mechanical Engineering, UCL)

Nerve Repair Construct Simulation
I have used the finite element software COMSOL to parameterise a mathematical model of cell-oxygen-VEGF interactions using in vitro data. I am now running simulations in a cylindrical geometry representing a nerve construct, to make predictions about the best way of seeding cells within engineered tissue to facilite cell survival and vascular growth.

MRes Research

MRes Summer and Mini Project pdfs are available upon request.
Vessel Blood Flow Velocity
MRes Summer Project: Predicting the rupture risk of brain aneurysms using computational approaches: a HemeLB validation study
An investigation into the impact of different factors upon cerebral blood flow simulation results, through the use of patient specific data and the simulation environment HemeLB. Simulations were run using the national supercomputer ARCHER. The work helped to identify sources of error, which could have implications for the clinical use of such simulations to quantify the risk of brain aneurysm rupture.
Supervisors: Prof. Peter Coveney, Dr. Derek Groen & Dr. Hoskote Chandrashekar

MRes Mini Projects:

Modelling the impact of vessel stiffening upon arteriolar networks
Investigating the mechanisms behind microvascular rarefaction.
Supervisors: Prof. Alun Hughes & Dr. Ryo Torii

A mathematical model to investigate angiogenesis in nerve repair conduits
Modelling the relationship over time between the distributions of oxygen concentration, cell population density and VEGF concentration along a nerve repair conduit.
Supervisors: Dr. James Phillips & Dr. Rebecca Shipley

A study of the relationship between ectopic beat frequency and heart rate variability in ARVC patients
Investigating whether there are correlations between heart rate variability parameters, which reflect sympathetic and parasympathetic modulation of the heart rate, and ectopic beat frequency in ARVC patients.
Supervisors: Dr. Ben Hanson & Dr. Pier Lambiase

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